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  About us   

Guitars Antiqua Music Program began as a parent and community pilot program from a local family in the city of Lawndale, California who in the wake for the need of an after-school music program, took it upon themselves and started their very own youth guitar program in their local park building.  The program aimed to reach out to children who lacked the resources to participate in after school arts programs.  The program began in 2017 with eight 4th grade students from FDR elementary.  The eight participants were provided a guitar (w/bag) and a footstool at no cost.  After eight months of instruction the program received high praise from parents, teachers and local community members. The students presented their very first guitar concert at their school's assembly room receiving a standing ovation for their performance!   After the conclusion of the program, Guitar Antiqua Music Program was established to start a new chapter in the community to continue to raise awareness of the importance of music education in our schools and to prove how music can positively affect the social and cognitive development of children.  


The mission of Guitars Antiqua Music Program is to provide children the opportunity to explore life with music through the study of the guitar in a welcoming environment where everyone can feel safe to express themselves without judgment. We nurture the appreciation of music by advocating commitment, motivation, and involvement.


We focus on providing children a comprehensive understanding of music.  Therefore, our objectives are:


  • To create a tuition-free program for children who lack the resources to music education

  • To teach children how to play a musical instrument and teach them music fundamentals

  • To motivate children to play music in a group setting

  • To allow children to be creative by learning and performing various musical styles

  • To explore the correlation between music education, math, language arts and science

  • To expose children to public performance by playing at various venues such as libraries, community centers, school, etc.  


While our objectives focus on educating our students in the fine art of music, our goals reach out further to our community. These goals are: 

  • To establish and maintain a musical environment where children can feel safe and comfortable to express themselves without judgement

  • To demonstrate the importance of music education in children and how it positively impacts their cognitive, emotional and social development

  • To nurture children an appreciation toward music

  • To develop self-discipline in children through continuous practice and to increase self-esteem by performing in public

  • To present a recital for families, teachers, and friends by the end of each season

  • To mentor and guide children who display musical talent and interest

  • To build a classical guitar community with the support of parents, teachers, community partners and local businesses 

Non-discrimination Statement Policy 

Guitars Antiqua Music Program, a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the state of California, does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), or disability, in any of its activities or operations. These activities or operations include, but are not limited to student selection, hiring staff, nominating board members, selection of volunteers, and provision of program services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, parents, teachers, administrators and volunteers.

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