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Our Program

Our program provides children the opportunity to learn about music in a fun and welcoming environment.  

Guitars Antiqua Music Program serves as a fundamental step to introduce children about music education.  While the program emphasizes on the basic principles on how to play classical guitar, it allows students to learn vital musician tools such as learning music notation, rhythms, ear training, interpretation and much more.  The program also  encourages children to play in a group setting.  Thus, helping them to work together and becoming more comfortable with their social skills. 



Our program runs for 32 weeks of instruction with extra rehearsals added for recital preparation. No prior experience or audition is require to enter the program.  Students are selected based on age, grade level, and available spots at the time of inquiry.  Once students are selected and admitted to be part of the program, they meet twice a week in a group setting for one hour.  Participating students are provided a guitar, a guitar bag, a footstool and a music folder.  Our program is 100% tuition-free as long as students maintain consistent attendance for the duration of the program.  It is expected that students practice on a weekly basis to show progress throughout the year.  We are working hard every year to be able to expand our classes and offer more opportunities for students to participate in our program.  Guitars Antiqua Music Program is conducted after school at two locations in the cities of Lawndale and Hawthorne, CA.    

In 2023, we joined a partnership with the Lawndale Elementary School District, as part of their Realizing Amazing Potential (RAP) afterschool program.  We are currently providing guitar lessons at four school sites.  


If you would like more information about the status of our program, please send us an email inquiry to


Students learn music fundamentals through the study of the classical guitar.  They learn how to sit correctly, how to properly hold the guitar, how to master left hand and right hand coordination and how to interpret music as a professional musician.  Students begin reading simple tablature  then move on to read standard music notation and are motivated to be creative by performing various musical styles.  We serve students from 2nd grade through high school level.  


Parent involvement 

Parent participation is highly encouraged and expected in our program.  It is a crucial process to motivate children to practice on a regular schedule.  We work along with parents with the goal to create discipline and a consistent pattern on children in order to teach them responsibility while providing a reward system for their effort.  


Field Trips

We will be organizing fields trips to local music events in the Los Angeles County area and its vicinity to provide our students the experience to see professional performers on stage.  This is one part of our goals  to enhance their musical knowledge and appreciation torward the fine arts.  


Student Concerts

All participating students are invited to  play at our winter and spring concerts.  Additional performance opportunities are offered to students who demonstrate  higher musical talent and interest. 


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