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The socio-economic environment of every child varies among our societies and therefore, those facing more challenges due to these disparities are likely to lag in their educational progress.  This is one primary factor affecting the development of children in underserved communities. In addition, the constant budget cuts among schools and school districts leave children without the possibility to enhance and explore their knowledge beyond the primary disciplines of language arts, math and science.  Needless to say, the arts have taken a major hit in this area where school cannot or will not promote extended learning in this area of discipline. Music education, however is among one of the most important subjects children should learn from the early stage of their development. The benefits found in years of scholar research are endless which range from high development in language, critical thinking, cognitive reasoning, artistic talent, self-discipline, self-esteem, curiosity and creativity, auditory skills, mathematical pattern recognition, scientific approach, among many other essential skills leading to a successful career. (  

Guitars Antiqua Music Program believes every child deserves the opportunity to discover about the beautiful world of music despite the obstacles they face in their environment.  Therefore, it is within our mission to create a program that can facilitate the access to music and create a place where children can feel safe and free to express themselves without judgement.  We want to break away from the stereotype that children from low income communities are unsuccessful but instead prove how every child has the capacity to dream big and become someone who will contribute to the world in a positive way.   We want to support, embrace, and encourage our students to succeed not only in our program, but in school, at home and among their peers. We want to serve as mentors in their studies and in their social development so they can think before they act in this challenging world.  We hope to guide them so they can make positive choices. Finally, we hope to make a difference in their lives where someday as adults they can look back and feel proud to have been part of this experience and know that music will always be by their side in their future endeavors.  If we change the life of one child with music, it will all be worth it.

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