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Board of Directors 


Luis Sanchez



Stacy Amador



Leonela Lomeli

Grant Manager/Director

Alan Ellis

Dana Shellmire

 Belinda Alcazar


Executive Director 

Luis Sanchez

Guitar Instructor 
Online Instructor 

Giovanna Mera

Jon Reyes 

Founder’s Profile


Guitars Antiqua Music Program was founded by Mr. Luis Sanchez, a private guitar instructor in the Los Angeles area.  Mr. Sanchez holds a Bachelor of Music Degree with a concentration on Classical Guitar Performance.  He studied at Cal State Fullerton and graduated with honors (Cum Laude).  Mr. Sanchez has over 20 yrs. experience performing and teaching music.  He is a former student of John Dearman, David Grimes & Richard Turner.  Mr. Sanchez is an active performer  playing at private and public events, and has participated in chamber groups and large ensembles.  Mr. Sanchez was a performing member as well as the promotional manager for the Orange County Guitar Orchestra from 2012-2017.   His vision for Guitars Antiqua is to serve the community he grew up in, having attended the same schools where most of students participating in the program come from.  Mr. Sanchez believes children from all ages and backgrounds should have the access to a music education experience regardless of their socio and economic status.  

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